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Unsolved Mysteries

Even with the best minds working on it, there are some phenomena for which we can't seem to find an explanation! We all enjoy a good mystery, but it might wear on our nerves if we don't figure out the truth in the end. According to New Scientist, the desire to categorise things and create order in our lives and societies is part of the human experience. We enjoy a little mystery because it piques our innate curiosity, but we also enjoy solving or explaining the mystery because the unknown is something to be dreaded and avoided. This need to categorise and explain things is continually at odds with our equally strong yearning for privacy and secrecy. However, not all mysteries are caused by our proclivity for secrecy. Some world phenomena are difficult to explain using our existing technology or collection of knowledge. It's possible that some of these unsolved mysteries will become clearer as science progresses, but other unsolved mysteries will undoubtedly become murkier over time as critical information is lost or buried with those who once knew. Some mysteries defy explanation and appear to exist independently of what was previously known or what technology might be found in the future. We're both uncomfortable with the loose ends, but we're in love—maybe even obsessed—at the same time.

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Bermuda Triangle – A Mystery

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